Vibrational Plant Medicine Workshop - Flower Essences and Divine Intuition - Saturday February 23rd 1-3 pm

Vibrational Plant Medicine Workshop - Flower Essences and Divine Intuition - Saturday February 23rd 1-3 pm


Vibrational Plant Medicine Workshop “Attuning to Nature’s Wisdom through Flower Essences & our Divine Intuition.”

Awaken your connection to the Earth, and to yourself through an afternoon learning about & journeying with Flower Essences. Join Naturopathic Doctor graduate & Plant Medicine Woman Jacqui Wilkins on February 23rd, for an explorative workshop on calling in Plant Spirit Medicine & your highest self. Learning the skills to deepen your intuition, and connect with the Plants, while also being guided through a Plant Spirit Meditation and making your own Flower Essence blend to continue the healing at home.

Vibrational Medicine has been used since ancient times to bring a harmonious state back into the body - removing disease, and calling wholeness back in. Think - colours, chakras, sound therapy, sunlight, homeopathy, and… Flower Essences. Flowers hold within them the code for beauty, life, healing, joy & peace. They have always been looked to to provide healing, joy, celebration and to mark transitions in life. We can all think back to a time where a certain flower brought with it certain emotions. Flower Essences embody Plant Spirit Medicine - taking herbalism into the esoteric realm to offer healing to the aura, and etheric bodies. Come and learn exactly what Flower Essences are, and how they can help you connect back to your highest self. You will learn:

• What Vibrational Medicine is, and how it can be applied to your everyday life

• The history of Flower Essences, and how working with Flower Essences can bring healing, wholeness, connection and growth to your entire being

• In depth information on 6 Flower Essences, including their botanical healing properties, and their Plant Spirit Medicine

How to combine Flower Essences to create the perfect formula You will experience:

• Crafting your own Flower Essence formula, with guidance & support from Jacqui and your own intuition

• A deeper connection to Nature, and to your own intuition & inner healer

• A Guided Plant Spirit Meditation, where we journey with a chosen Plant Ally to receive healing, connections and messages from the Devic/Plant Spirit realms

You will take home:

• One Custom Flower Essence Blend

• A deeper feeling of Connection & Belonging to Nature

Jacqui has been working with Plant Medicines since a little girl - making potions in her backyard as a child, Jacqui has honed her herbalism skills, and now makes Plant Potions as a ‘career.’ She is a Plant Witch & Medicine Woman who works deeply with her Ancestors, who are Yakama, Irish & German. Jacqui has a small herb farm at her home in Unionville, Ontario where she lovingly tends to the Earth and makes Medicine. She has her Naturopathic Doctorate, and also teaches online experiential herbalism courses. Jacqui’s highest intention is to be a guide for connecting you to the Plants, to Nature, Animals, and your own Divine Light with reverence & humility. She has her roots in the Earth, and is anchored to the Stars — calling in the Cosmos & the Earth to facilitate connection & healing.

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