Getting to know your crystals with La Dame Blanche

Getting To Know Your Crystals 

        When picking your first crystal pieces or crystal jewellery, it is good to tap into the universal life force that flows through you and will allow you to access the intention or healing you are looking for assistance with. This will help you focus your energy to be drawn to the crystals that will work best with you for that intention. You may also simply ask the universe to direct you to the crystal you are meant to work with. 

        How you wear your crystals can greatly influence how they work in assisting your manifestations and healing process. The flow of energy throughout the body shows that the left side of the body draws energy in and the right side of the body expresses energy outwards. For example , wearing a rose quartz bracelet on your left wrist can help you accept the love you have for yourself and the unconditional love surrounding you, however wearing it on your right wrist can assist in expressing that unconditional love from within outwards, creating compassion for others around you and harmony within relationships. 

        Cleansing your crystals is very important as it clears any residue and allows the crystals to attune to your energy and vibrational field. Smudging with sage, palo santo or sweet grass is an ancient shamanistic practice. While purifying your crystals with the clearing smoke of these herbs, woods and grasses, visualize all smog and black debris falling away from the crystal along with any heaviness leaving it as you smudge. 

      Once you've cleansed your crystal , you may wish to charge it. Charging your crystal is a great tool for aligning your energy to its vibration. A very popular way of charging crystals is under full moon light. This draws down the power and the healing of the moon. After you have cleansed and charged your crystal, you are ready to express your intention/manifestation to the crystal. A beautiful way to do so is to meditate with your crystal, using visualization to embody how you will feel once wearing the crystal, or how you will feel once your intention is manifested. You may also choose to hold your crystal between your palms at heart level and simply ask for the assistance with a particular matter. Our breath is our life force and essence . It is the most powerful tool we have. Your breath is something you can use to easily cleanse and charge your crystals as well as set your intention by holding a thought, a prayer or a manifestation while breathing over your crystals. 

Remember that there is a  unique relationship between each being and their crystal and your own  intuition is the best healing tool. 

Many Blessings on your crystal healing journey , 

La Dame Blanche

Kamila Zasadna