WOMAN SERIES - Meredith Youngson of Lake & Oak + Earth and Oven blog

Meet Meredith! The Beauty and the brains behind Lake & Oak Tea as well as the Delicious wonder of a food blog that is earth and oven.

We chatted with the lovely lady herself and got the 411 on what makes this powerhouse of a woman tick, and which adaptogen is a staple for her!

Meredith and mUg.jpeg

1) What inspired you to get into holistic nutrition?

Disordered eating, anxiety and crappy digestion were underlying issues for me from the age of

12. I tried controlling my food intake by partaking in all the trending diets, tracking my calories,

and hard-core discipline, but deep inside was a butter-loving foodie trying to break out.

Nutrition school was the “AHA” moment where I learned the power of eating healthy food in

abundance, how to look at health holistically (mind, body, spirit), and how cooking makes you

feel like a badass.

2) What is your favourite adaptogen and why?

Maca! I find I notice the good-mood benefits right away, and really dig it’s ability to balance

hormone levels and boost energy. It nutty flavour blends really well into smoothies, coffee, or

sweet treats. (AKA the best things) Maca inspired me to create Lake & Oak’s new Adaptogenic

Matcha - Mega Matcha!

3) 3 favourite back to school/work recipes that pack a nutrient dense punch

Mexican Summer Corn Salad with Chili Lime Dressing - Hold on tight to those summer

flavours with this corn salsa meets quinoa salad. Charred corn, creamy black beans and the spicy

lime dressing kinda make you feel like you’re on vacation.

Rainbow Veggie Poke Bowl - Customize it with your favourite noodles and veggies on

hand. The most important part is the super-addictive sesame tamari dressing.

Tofu Matar Masala Curry -Some of the best lunches are dinner leftovers from the day prior -

right? This cozy dish gives you Indian flavours in less than 30 minutes. You can replace the tofu

with paneer, halloumi or even chickpeas and it would still be incredibly delicious and easy. I’m a

sucker for garlic naan with this, but you can turn it into a grain bowl with brown rice or quinoa.

4) Which one of your magical blends are you currently sipping on?

Gut Love …it’s been our most popular tea this summer! I guess I’m not the only one that gets

sporadic bloating or needs a rebalance after a lovely long weekend of wine and barbecue :) With

herbs like burdock root, dandelion root and licorice, it’s a gentle cleanser that you can benefit

from every day. I love it cold brewed with a wedge of lemon!

5) Best piece of advice you have ever received.

Not to quit when things get shi**y. A few years ago I had just landed my dream job. It was

extremely challenging mentally and I wanted to throw in the towel and start again.

My partner Peter told me exactly what I didn’t want to hear: to keep going! Persistence, grit and

staying strong through less-than-glamorous times is underrated but has paid off the most for

me…In love, career, friendships, business and creative endeavors!

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