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Rituals and Traditions of Sacred Smoke Medicines: Make Your Own Plant Wands with Jacqui Wilkins

  • Kamomile holistic haven 2220 B Queen Street East Toronto, ON, M4E 1E9 Canada (map)

Rituals and Traditions of Sacred Smoke Medicine: Make Your Own Plant Wands

Join Jacqui Wilkins of Pachamama Medicines for an afternoon of Ritual, Connection, Clearing & Grounding with Sacred Smoke Medicines. Smoke Medicines have been worked with since ancient times by people all over the World. As we reawaken the Wild within us, and connect back to the wisdom of the Earth& our Ancestors, it is natural that this longing to work with Smoke Medicines also arises with us. We can honor this calling by ensuring the Plants we work with are sustainably &ethically sourced. Taking it a step further, we can reconnect to the Smoke Medicines that our own Ancestors worked with as well. These Plants will hold a different vibration - and often, this remembering brings us to tears as we hold the Medicines that our Grandmother’s Grandmother’s held.

White Sage & Palo Santo are two of the most well known examples of Smoke Medicine. Burning these Plants is often referred to as ‘Smudging’ - a term that denotes a Ceremony performed by Indigenous people. It is more than just the act of clearing space with Smoke. Currently these two beautiful beings are being over harvested & unethically obtained.

This is the Heart of why this workshop was created. To bring forward a way to work with the Medicines our Ancestors used, to offer us a connection to the Earth, to share about sustainable harvesting, Sacred ways to harvest & burn the Medicines You will learn about a variety of Smoke Medicines - Juniper, Cedar, Sagebrush, Sage, Lavender, Pine Resin, Sweetgrass, Uva Ursi, - to name a few. You will learn how to work with Plants in Ritual, Magick & Clearing Space. You will also learn where these Traditional Medicines come from, how to connect in a good way, how to burn Wands/Incense, and how to make your own Plant Wands.

It is Jacqui’s hope that you also will connect more deeply to your Ancestors through this workshop, that this will awaken some remembering in you. We will discuss ethical harvesting, and tending to the Land we are on. Acknowledging we are visitors on this Traditional Land of Anishinaabe & Huron-Wendat peoples.

By learning about different sources for creating Plant Wands, by connecting to your Ancestors & your Roots, by working with the Plants that are abundant here - we are truly opening doors for true healing & connection.

Join us in Remembering, Awakening, Clearing & Creating together! You will take home a Heart full of love, a renewed energy and a lovingly crafted plant medicine bundle we will make together.

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